Radaur : Street lights installed in rural areas became a showpiece


For the last one year, due to the dissolution of panchayats, where development works are being affected in the village, the villagers are facing problems due to non-resolving of other problems. In many villages of sub-division Radaur, most of the street lights installed to illuminate the streets by spending lakhs of rupees are lying closed due to failure. Due to not getting these damaged street lights fixed for a long time, today it has become a showpiece for the villagers.

It has been bad for a long time, there is a demand to get it fixed

There are many other villages including village Potli, Barsan, Thaska, Jathlana, Alahar, in which most of the street lights have been switched off for a long time. Residents of the area Amardeep, Karmbir, Munish, Raman, Rajesh etc. told that due to the shutdown of the lights, the streets are dark in the night. Due to which there is a problem in passing through the street, the incidents of theft are increasing due to the switching off of the lights. More than a year has passed since the tenure of the Panchayats ended. Now the reins of panchayats are in the hands of the administration. In such a situation, the local people have demanded from the administration that these street lights should be repaired and started