Radaur – Theft of battery and other items of three vehicles by climbing the wall of the agency


Incidents of theft are not taking the name of stopping in the city. Last night also thieves stole the batteries of three vehicles parked in a beverages agency near the government hospital. The thieves entered inside by climbing the wall of the agency and carried out the theft. At present, after the complaint of the affected agency operator, the police has started investigation after inspecting the spot

Ankit Gupta, the owner of the affected agency, said that the thieves entered by climbing the wall and stole the batteries and other items of three vehicles parked here. He told that the incident of theft came to know in the morning when the employees of the agency started taking the vehicle to deliver the drinks, they saw that the doors of the vehicles were open, and the goods were scattered, then checked the batteries from all the three vehicles. It was stolen. He told that he has suffered a loss of 20 to 22 thousand rupees due to the theft incident.

Incidents of theft are increasing day by day in Radaur, but the police have not yet failed to control the thief gang, due to which the thieves’ gang’s spirits are increasing